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"He said that
We can
Still be friends.
But I think
He meant that
We can
Be the kind of
Strangers that share
Silent memories and
A passing smile
Every once in a while." - M.S. (via coffee-crinkled-pages)

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the facts
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kids today google, not giggle. they play angry birds instead of getting angry AT birds. they all have an ipad but no iq. not even one. they playstation but they never play station. i.e. one pretending to be a train and the others pretending to be different trains or low paid maintenance workers. they’re obsessed with one direction, rather than enjoying all eight directions equally. facebook… but unable to face… a book. or a hoop with a stick. a lost generation. the tv show.


hey friend. one day ur gonna be happy. one day ur gonna be sitting w someone u love in ur favourite place in the world and ur gonna think “wow. life is p great” and everything will be okay. but u gotta make it til then okay? just hang in there. u’ll be okay.

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How do I find pizza and all the others that were deleted? Did they do what you did and create another?



i don’t think jess made a new blog yet but-

relahvant’s new blog

unexotic’s new blog

phobias’ new blog

those are all that i know of now that have remade, ill try and update you guys when i find out more :)

tumblr user orgasms new blog



if the guy who got shot was white none of you would give a fuck tho

people who look like you and me don’t get targeted by the police, people who look like you and me don’t get shot in the street by the people who are paid to protect us, people who look like me and you shoot up schools and get called “misunderstood” by the mainstream media. that’s the point

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